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Cylindrical Dowel Pin is a simple yet crucial component in precision engineering. It is used to secure two parts together, ensuring accurate alignment and preventing relative movement. The Role of Cylindrical Dowel Pin C
In the modern industrial field, faced with increasingly complex and harsh working environments, it is crucial to find efficient and reliable stress-resistant solutions. As a new type of compression element, Heavy Duty Co
Plastic cooling pipe, also known as adjustable plastic cooling pipe, universal plastic cooling pipe, engineering plastic cooling pipe is a comprehensive guidance system of liquid and gas medium, the pressure can reach 4p
As modern technology becomes more mature, the degree of intelligence becomes higher and higher, and a small mold spring plays an inestimable role in it.  Compared to springs, everyone must be familiar, but do you re
On November 26-29, the four-day DMP 2019 was held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Toory was honored to be invited to attend this exhibition.   We have full range of metal springs: die
EJECTOR PIN refers to a mold accessory, also known as a push rod, needle, etc.   EJECTOR PIN: EJECTOR PIN plays a very important role in plastic mold, can be used to separate the product from the mold, which is the
In the production of mold industry, factories in related fields will produce different types of molds. At the same time, the mold nitrogen spring will be added to the mold, so that it can play an important role in the mo
SCHAUMBURG, IL – November 14, 2022: MISUMI announces the ability to quote sheet metal components using inch gauge thickness. With this new option through meviy, an on-demand procurement software, customers can
SCHAUMBURG, IL — January 4, 2023 — MISUMI, a global supplier of configurable components, is excited to announce that for the third consecutive year, they are the recipient of a Comparably Award in recogn
4 min read What are Threaded Inserts? Threaded Inserts are shorthand terminology for threaded screw inserts. To the casual observer of machine designs or mechanical components, the threaded insert is usually comple
Stack Light Selection Tips 3 min read Stack Lights are an essential part of machines used for industrial manufacturing and mass production. The primary function of stack lights is to visually communicate the
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