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Long mold life cycle of nitrogen spring

Long mold life cycle of nitrogen spring

19 May 2023

In the production of mold industry, factories in related fields will produce different types of molds. At the same time, the mold nitrogen spring will be added to the mold, so that it can play an important role in the mold. This can not only ensure the stability of the mold, but also reduce the daily cost of the factory.

In daily processing, the factory will use specific containers. At the same time, an appropriate amount of compressed nitrogen will be added into the container, and the nitrogen will be compressed at the same time of the compression column, so as to relieve the external force and make the high-pressure nitrogen expand, so as to obtain a certain elastic pressure. Secondly, the operator will place it in the prescribed range, so as to facilitate daily access.

At the same time, compared with other springs, this spring has a longer life cycle, but also has the larger force and the longer travel. And the nitrogen is easy to check and regulate, allowing it to have other types of springs to simplify your mold design. Therefore, more and more factories will use this type of spring.

As we all know, the nitrogen spring is a component with elastic function. Its principle is to seal high-pressure nitrogen in a container and expand it at high pressure to increase the original bomb pressure. Because of its good performance and application effect, nitrogen spring has gradually replaced the common elastic parts in the reproduction.


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