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JIS die spring

JIS die spring

19 May 2023

As modern technology becomes more mature, the degree of intelligence becomes higher and higher, and a small mold spring plays an inestimable role in it.  Compared to springs, everyone must be familiar, but do you really know some mysteries in springs?  Now I will talk about an important parameter of spring-spring stiffness.  The stiffness of the spring is the force required to press the spring down by one unit.  The stiffness of the die spring is the ratio of the load increment dF and the deformation increment dλ, that is, the load required to produce unit deformation.

The calculation formula of the spring stiffness is F '= dF / dλ.  The characteristic line is the increasing type spring, the stiffness increases with the increase of the load;  and the decreasing type spring, the stiffness decreases with the increase of the load.  As for the linear spring, the stiffness does not change with the load, that is, F '= dF / dλ = F / λ = constant.  Therefore, the stiffness of a spring with a linear characteristic line also becomes a spring constant.  Therefore, the rigidity of the mold spring is an important parameter for everyone to choose the spring they want.  Its disguise determines the service life of the spring and the service life of the mold.

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